I nearly RIP'd my comp for this game...

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I nearly RIP'd my comp for this game...

Post by TommyCD1 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:32 am

So there is this program called DrPackez. It can use the drpack.exe to open and compile .zwp files for Dark Reign 2, and it even adds nifty right-click menu options for your folders.

What I was trying to do was modify the DrPackez.exe and install_dp.exe files so instead they would use the exe.exe file and open and compile .x files for Army Men RTS. But while I was doing this, I accidentally created a super AWFUL file that ending up deleting all the registry keys on the entire machine... :**:

Luckily a system restore was able to save me.

Anyway, since I've learned I have absolutely NO experience in this field, and I don't want to put myself at risk again, I'm going to ask for help. Is there anyone out there who can perhaps modify these files to do the intended purposed as described above? The link is as follows:

I would very much appreciate it and it would be a HUGE helping hand to all aspiring map makers.
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