Army Men R.T.S Maps Pack september update Download

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Army Men R.T.S Maps Pack september update Download

Post by Petas » Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:40 am

It begins with September and with it a new map package.

You can download the latest version of this package from Web.


The package contains the following maps:

1) {HQ-Fizzo ®} CZSK 2 Culinary Wars. x

2) {HQ-Fizzo ®} CZSK 4 castles. x

3) {HQ-Fizzo ®} CZSK 4 Insects Revenge-Hill. x

4) {HQ-Fizzo ®} CZSK 4 Puddle-Koth. x # Hill

5) {HQ-Fizzo ®} CZSK Battle about a fower bad. x

Download Latest Version Maps Pack

Always download updates from my site.

About updates you get information on Facebook fanpage: PetasVideos

Or you can control them yourself from the Web.
Cool Link for all maps clan {HQ-Fizzo®}CZ/SK.
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