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Quick Chat Macros

Post by TommyCD1 » Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:24 pm

Small mod that allows you to quickly say things to your allies using keybindings.

Download link

Extract to your Army Men RTS root directory.

Works Online!

Press Alt + Numpad 1 to ask for an HQ.
Press Alt + Numpad 2 to ask for Sarge.
Press Alt + Numpad 3 to ask for plastic.
Press Alt + Numpad 4 to ask for electricity.
Press Alt + Numpad 5 to ask for assistance.
Press Alt + Numpad 6 to apologize.
Press Alt + Numpad 7 to request defensive play.
Press Alt + Numpad 8 to start an attack.
Press Alt + Numpad 9 to notify others of an airstrike.
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