New map Retro Battle Update terrain

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are you for the distribution the distribution of the editions of the maps?

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New map Retro Battle Update terrain

Post by Petas » Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:31 pm

I had problems I may AMD processor so I bought a new computer.

What concerns the new maps should go into three categories as the creators of Windows, who created the Windows 10 home profesional and enterprice

This map has similar categories. Retro battle 70 years.

Other categories with the upgrade or to add features to the map with the new editions of the maps of the Retro battle of 80 years by a professional.

For 80 years we stay still, and I would like to add that I like after a long time with configuration files. CFG

Where would he find a team of 9. There were just a few of the cannon Tower of explosives.

Next is the Retro Battle of 2000. I will not force anyone to update, because it's just adding a few features and gadgets and even designate otherwise.

! I can, however, decide differently and all editions of the maps I can insert it into one.


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