Army Men R.T.S Maps Pack september update

New Maps that are coming out soon or that you want to test.
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Army Men R.T.S Maps Pack september update

Post by Petas » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:21 pm

It begins with September and with it a new map package.

You can download the latest version of this package 2.9.2017 from my website.

The package will contain the following maps:


1) {HQ-Fizzo®} CZSK 2 Culinary Wars.x
2) {HQ-Fizzo®} CZSK 4 Castles.x
3) {HQ-Fizzo®} CZSK 4 Insects Revenge - Hill.x
4) {HQ-Fizzo®} CZSK 4 Puddle - koth.x # Hill
5) {HQ-Fizzo®} CZSK Battle about a fower bad.x

Download maps pack

How to update a package without live update?

1) You go to the site.
2) Select the New maps section (Green Man with diskette)
3) Get the Latest September update maps Pack
Cool Link for all maps clan {HQ-Fizzo®}CZ/SK.
Link to the maps I do New Maps
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