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Wanna join a clan? Request to join or recruit members who are not in a clan.
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Delcore's Gaming Community

Post by [Del] Delcore » Sat Dec 26, 2015 4:47 pm



Delcore's Gaming Community is a friendly tight-knit gaming group that has been running since 11/4/13. As a community, we are a mid-sized group at around 50 members and contain players from around the globe. As a community, we operate under a voice communication server known as Teamspeak 3 and log on daily to play with our members. We play everything from RTS games, RPG games, FPS games, survival games, and of course, Army Men RTS.


The community contains an active teamspeak 3 server that currently holds up to 30 slots. As a community, we provide our users custom channels, national channels, game rooms, and enforcer channels. Furthermore, to ensure community interaction and development, we keep all of our community members highly involved in our activities and provide a community environment where everyone can get to know one another very easily. Rather than being dumped into a teamspeak server, you'll get to know the whole family! :C



It's very simple, To join the community, all you have to do is join the teamspeak and me on steam. Head over to my steam profile and sent me friend request. Afterwards, we will invite you to our steam group and have you join our teamspeak.

Have Teamspeak? - Join us @


~ Teampseak 3 Download ~

See you at the front lads!
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Re: Delcore's Gaming Community

Post by Kennedy » Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:07 pm

Well its the first time that i heard this clan, maybe because its only from Steam.. why not you and all ur clan use Gameranger?

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