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exf maps

Post by df2003 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:50 pm

Im on game ranger playing and everyone says i need exf to play. where can i find these maps and how should i go about installing them.

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Re: exf maps

Post by TommyCD1 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:28 pm

As of writing the links for E]x[F maps are currently down, but I have created a .rar file containing these maps. They are directly zipped and are not in a subfolder when extracted.

Google Drive

When extracted, you should have a selection of .x files including:
  1. E]x[F 2vs2 SBS
  2. E]x[F 2vs2 That Sinkin Feeling
  3. E]x[F- 8 Farms
  4. E]x[F A Hose Too Far
  5. E]x[F Doubles Rush 99999
  6. E]x[F Doubles Speed Boost
  7. E]x[F Grunt Wars
  8. E]x[F Holiday Doubles
  9. E]x[F King of the Hill Power Rush
  10. E]x[F King of the Hill
  11. E]x[F Sarges Twisted Doubles
  12. E]x[F Sniper Wars
  13. E]x[F Take the 8-Train Rush
  14. E]x[F Vikki's Twisted Doubles
  15. E]x[F-Chido69's Maximum Rush
  16. E]x[F-Chido69's Maximum Speed Boost
  17. E]x[F-SnipeR's Maximum Rush
  18. E]x[F-Vulture Island
  19. StormeR's Doubles Rush
  20. SargeSargeFrenzy
  21. Sarge Doubles
  22. Super Grunts
The two highlighted in yellow are the two maps most often played and referred to as "exf maps".

In order to install these maps, you will need to place the .x files into the multiplayer missions folder in your Army Men RTS game. By default, your game will be installed to:
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\3DO\Army Men RTS
In this directory you will find a folder named 'missions' and within this folder you will find another named 'mp'. In the 'mp' folder is where you will place these maps.

If you have trouble please let me know.
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